Friday morning, Lauren and I got dressed and ready for a day on Blue Lagoon island, snorkeling with stingrays, while Mom took a bit longer to get out of bed for her day of shopping in Nassau..

And was this a pretty port town, or what?

Here's the Sovereign of the Seas cruise ship pulling into port alongside ours.

Beautiful morning -- Lauren and I hit the Lido Deck, noted for A) its buffet-style meals (breakfast!) and B) a jacuzzi AND a pool with a killer water slide...

Lauren and I just had to check out the jacuzzi, and slop on some sunscreen while we were out there.  We covered both her tattoos thoroughly -- which is how she got patchily sunburned shoulders and a still-pallid bicep...

And she's smoking again -- doesn't that just kill you?

The Calypso